Project Name Đang bid Skills Khởi tạo Budget
0 ipad-development, Javascript, C#, Java 29/05/19 Từ $30 - $250
Need a logo to be embossed in a small area.Simple lines and design preferred.Logo should illustrate 2 owls, side by side, 1 male 1 female, in a fashion similar to drawing attached.Design should be simple, with ability to convey message of love, with as few lines as possible. Black & white only.
A cross platform Mobile app - Tips Calculator type application.
0 C# 22/03/18 Từ $250 - $750
I would like to have created a cross-platform mobile app for Android and Apple (and hopefully Windows Phone but not necessarily) All phone sizes and tablet as well. It is a Tips type app that will be a Calculator, Splitter, and also support PayPal. PayPal experience required. Similar products are primarily these ; 1 2 3 but also these as other examples of functionality ; i - ii - iii - iv - PLATFORM I was thinking of React Native or similar. Something that is easy to maintain and runs well across platforms. The UI can be specific to the Android and iPhone, the Engine should be generic. Xamarin is a possibility but I am aware there are issues with slowness and compatibility as I have read. I am open to discussing options. I will want both the Android and iPhone versions delivered. SOAP will be required also to communicate with the server. VISUALLY This must be a professional looking app and I will ask for design examples/suggestions. This is a real app not just simple static pages so you must have done this sort of thing previously and also please show me a couple of examples. I will be more specific when we discuss. Time Frame is important as is experience ans capability. I will ask that you commit to a time frame and stick to that because other matters will rely on this time frame. BACKUPS Daily or at least every two days I will require a full backup of all code so I can compile at this end.
Write an e-commerce mobile application for Online Grocery delivery
2 iphone-development, ipad-development, Objective-C, Swift, C++, C#, Javascript, android-development, Java, C/C++ 30/05/16 Từ $750 - $1500
We are seeking a developer to build our mobile product like with gamification feature. Which step by step instruction, when the user completes each step, the system will reward point like in the game ( if they complete 80% for 1 step, they got 8 point). When they got 1000 points, ​for example, they'll get a $10 e-gift card. is developing a website and mobile app to help people age 20-35 years old, economically efficient make enjoyable meals even they don’t have time to go to the grocery store and in need of a healthy and not too expensive meal option by online meal planning and ordering, ingredients sent to their home and fun recipes, sped-up video that teach them culinary skills.

If you don't write tests please don't apply. You'll be building the application on iOS, Android.

The goal is that they can log in, review orders, add new products and manage their profile.

The ideal applicant will be able to:

- Can use some prototyping tool (or we'll provide for you).
- Know how to design clean, simple , easy to use, flat design. minimalist - Program the app and develop the UX/UI.
- App will be easy to deploy and scale.
- Will have a minimum of 50 hours on Applancer.
- Will have a 4-5 star rating.
- Will have pride in their work and strive to produce beautiful, functional apps as a minimum.
- Will speak English well.
- Will offer input or improvement ideas if they see them.

Here what you need to do next:
- Please reply with examples of your previous work including any user interface or design examples you have done before. If I like your previous work, I will reply and give you more details.


Luong @Naubox
Viết ứng dụng cho chương trình khuyến mãi
22 iphone-development, C++, Objective-C, Swift, C#, Javascript 25/12/14 Từ $750 - $1500
Công ty em hiện đang có nhu cầu viết app cho mobile trên 2 hệ điều hành IOS & Android. Website: Web sunstar hiện tại gồm 2 phần: Phần có người tiêu dùng & phần dành cho salon (salon site). Bên em chỉ cần viết app cho phần salon site. Toàn bộ thông tin phần salon site bên em muốn viết app để thuận tiện cho salon trong quá trình đặt hàng & đặt khuyến mại. Về chi tiết em sẽ nói rõ khi em đã chọn được người thực hiện dự án.
Write an event application
7 C#, winphone-development, C#, Javascript, visual-basic 23/12/14 Từ $1500 - $3000
Hello, We are looking for a team to outsource a relatively simple mobile app. The app will involve blending a few pre-made templates that we will provide to create flawless user experience. We could look at templates and keep development costs as low as possible. The app will have to be developed for iOS and Android (tablets and smartphones). We will need to discuss options before proceeding but we will ultimately leave the development up to the selected candidate. Features of the app are as follows: - Events listing, this application will let people join events taking place around them via GPS. - Ability for users to 'check-in' at physical locations. The app should also track the check-ins for a rewards program. A notification should be sent to an admin when a user reaches a certain amount of check-ins. - Push notifications, will let people create and join small events taking place around them via GPS. - Ability to link to outside responsive web pages - Social media integration (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) Please provide an initial quote and a brief description on why we should select you. Thank you for your time.