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Est.budget: $3,000 - $5,000 Posted: 27/10/16 Ends: 26/11/16 2 Bids
I need someone who is very experienced in xamarin, ionic or react navite to create a feature rich, nice looking, mobile app. Our budget is not set as we need to discuss it based on how long you think... More
Est.budget: $250 - $750 Posted: 19/10/16 Ends: 18/11/16 0 Bids
Chúng tôi cần một app dạng kiểu trải nghiệm 3D cho cửa hàng, trong đó tích hợp một số chức năng của web như: tin tức, sản phẩm cơ bản, đăng ký nhận tin... More
Est.budget: $250 - $750 Posted: 30/09/16 Ends: 30/10/16 0 Bids
DropDeck is a tool for startups to create a "pitch deck 2.0" so that investors can find it super easy, fast and confident to review, improving the chance and frequency of making good... More
Est.budget: Negotiable Posted: 13/09/16 Ends: 13/10/16 0 Bids
we need 1 Mobiile app designer with full time working in my office - Ho chi Minh city , Viet Nam. You can check responsibilities as following as: -Develop the design to work across screen sizes and... More
Est.budget: $250 - $750 Posted: 10/09/16 Ends: 10/10/16 3 Bids
Group messaging app defaults. When a message group members all members will get the message and reply to messages. Members Maximum concurrent access.
Est.budget: $3,000 - $5,000 Posted: 23/08/16 Ends: 22/09/16 2 Bids
We are interested in developing a residential management system that operates on a hybrid mobile app, supported by a browser based administrative interface The expectation is to develop the entire... More
Est.budget: $250 - $750 Posted: 16/08/16 Ends: 15/09/16 3 Bids
We are seeking a developer to build our service provider platform which both customers (end users/buyers) and business owners can use. If you don't write tests please don't apply. You'll be building... More
Est.budget: $750 - $1,500 Posted: 26/07/16 Ends: 25/08/16 3 Bids
App to book air ticket in Vietnamese and English. App will use our API to connect and search, book. User will do payment directly on app or redirecting to a payment link webpage to pay. App should be... More
Est.budget: > $0 Posted: 22/07/16 Ends: 21/08/16 0 Bids
We are currently hiring a proficient programmer that has extensive knowledge and experience with Facebook App. Bascially, the Web App is similar to Facebook Thank you App... More
Est.budget: Negotiable Posted: 11/07/16 Ends: 10/08/16 4 Bids
Chúng tôi là agency đến từ Hà Lan, cần tìm đối tác xây dựng ứng dụng cho khách hàng với ý tưởng thuê người giúp việc làm theo giờ, yêu cầu đặt ra như... More