What is Applancer ?

The world’s first mobile application outsourcing platform provides ultimate solution for creating mobile apps for businesses all over the world.


Applancer is not only an mobile outsourcing platform, it provides users with a remarkable UX tools that enhances collaboration between developers and entrepreneurs while making app. Applancer is also a platform that help provide a great deal of IT recruiting services for many major companies.

Last but not least, Applancer is also organizing many leading tech events and workshop in Vietnam to connect with thousands of IT experts in the industry. One of the most significant events that has huge impact on IT community is Mobile Day, this national event has more than 1.5 thousands developers attending each day. All of these features are integrated into one single ecosystem to deliver the best experiences for both of employers and developers.


One of our disruptive technology in mobile application outsourcing platform is the UX tools. This special device is to help business and developers to create application together in the most interactive way. They can communicate, comment and collaborate directly on the mockups almost simultaneously. We also offer advanced project management and payment technologies for big companies as well as providing freelancers to work on specific major projects or assignments. Applancer doesn't keep your money, you transfer them through our milestone management system.

Especially, we have a job ad-network system called Topdev that connect and co-operate with 90% of Vietnam IT communities. This unique affiliate system makes sure that we can provide the best mobile developers for outsourcing any utmost mobile application projects around the world.


Applancer JSC Registered Office Level 5, Trung Nam Building 7A/80 Thanh Thai Street Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Tel: +84-8 6264 5022 , Email: [email protected]